Happy 2024! to the Awesome EdTech East Africa Community

Happy 2024! to the Awesome EdTech East Africa Community

By Nyapara Wanjiku

Hello Everyone!

As we enter a new year, I’ve been contemplating how we cultivate community and create an environment that supports the growth of the different ecosystems here. Interestingly, my first sermon of the year was also on the topic of community. Which got me thinking about this incredible EdTech space we’re building.

In the sermon I heard, the speaker spoke about showing up to the community in three meaningful ways that resonated. I’d love to share his wisdom with you all. 

First, he said, “Show up, Lavishly loving.” We can nurture an open, compassionate environment when we all bring an open heart and lead with kindness, even when disagreements crop up—leading our discussions with empathy. A little kindness always goes a long way.

Second, he encouraged Engaged participation. Being present and getting involved! This EdTech community provides an essential support system for those looking to make an impact in education. Having a supportive community is part of creating the conditions for success—a key ingredient to helping members feel less lost and lonely, finding partners and collaborators, attracting talent, raising money, and telling their stories. Our community thrives when we show up for each other, make connections, share knowledge, and provide encouragement. By fully engaging, we create a nurturing environment where EdTech changemakers can grow and develop. So to our quiet observers, don’t be afraid to share your voice!

Finally, he emphasized his generous presence. Being fully present takes effort, but it builds connection. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff and get involved. I attach Seth Godin’s poem “Kash’s Garden.” Just like a gardener nurtures the environment for plants to thrive, our collective efforts cultivate the conditions for our community to flourish. Our unique voices, passions, and ideas are the vibrant flowers that make this community bloom.

I wish you all a more meaningful community in 2024!

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About the author:

Nyapara Wanjiku is the Community Building and Engagement Coordinator at EdTech East Africa.

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