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A community of innovators and enablers using technology to improve access, quality and relevance of education and to produce more inclusive, effective and resilient learning across East Africa.

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What we do

The EdTech ecosystem has complex problems that no single actor can overcome alone. We invite ecosystem actors to sharing their diverse viewpoints and experiences to create a more evidence-based, collaborative approach to technology-enabled teaching and learning in East Africa.

Facilitate Collaboration
Build clarity and empathy for improved collaboration among stakeholders from different parts of the EdTech ecosystem
Foster Innovation
Discover, celebrate and amplify EdTech innovations
Strengthen Collective Action
Connect and organize EdTech innovators and enablers around shared goals to create a coordinated, evidence-driven movement around the use of technology to improve education for all

EdTech Ecosystem Building Initiatives

EdTech Mondays

A platform/show that facilitates critical collaborative conversations on the use of technology for teaching and learning

EdTech Summit

Annual convening of public and private sector influencers who can move the EdTech ecosystem forward.

EdTech Community

Online and offline platforms to share ideas and resources that accelerate the pace of progress for EdTech in the region

Collective Action

Creating sustainable change by working together through common understanding and agreed upon actions.

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