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Our community consist of over 3,800 EdTech ecosystem actors in East Africa:

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Bringing together stakeholders from different realms of the EdTech ecosystem, we create inclusive spaces and platforms for transformative discussions aimed at fortifying the EdTech community and enhancing learning outcomes. Our mission is to foster networking, enabling diverse stakeholders to engage in fruitful conversations, collaborative initiatives, and knowledge-sharing endeavors.

As a member of EdTech East Africa, you will gain entry to national and regional events hosted by EdTech East Africa. You will also have access to the online member community where you can find like-minded partners or cofounders for your edtech business, talent for your team or expert consultants for your projects, access opportunities for funding, join country-level or topic-centred discussion groups, or join online working groups around collective action goals.

We also provide support to EdTech accelerators and entrepreneur support organizations, EdTech entrepreneur courses and fellowships (like the EdTech Hub Entrepreneur Course), and serve as an advisor on numerous special EdTech research or innovation projects. If you are looking for an advisor for your EdTech initiative, please email us at [email protected].